Crystalena wears her heart on her sleeve. Her canvass contains the deep blues of heartbreak with splashes of vibrant reds when her mood shifts into something animalistic [Andre Gagne - Ottawa Life Magazine].

Her fiery thought-provoking lyrics look to address a range of complex topics, from social issues to the struggles and successes of self-empowerment. When fuelling her compositions to a larger project, she is backed by a band of select and diverse indomitable musicians, known as The Connection.

 She lives for mixing genres and attitudes. Her “original songs map their way through minor [swept] melodies, intense rises and falls, and her signature vocal jumps into long sustains” [Terry Steeves - Apt 613].

While staying true to her soulful roots, she fuses a dark Canadiana twist that works on extensively blending musical styles. “[Crystalena’s] voice is soaked in honey and grit. It will caress you sweetly but that touch won’t hold back the claws when the music needs to slice” [Andre Gagne - Ottawa Life Magazine].


Crystalena landed with a running start on the Ottawa music industry, eager to begin performing while studying for 4 years in performance and musical theory at Carleton University’s freelance singer -songwriter music program. “A remarkable talent that you’ll certainly hear more from in the future” [Rob Blanchette - Soundcheck Entertainment]. She gained the attention of thousands internationally after releasing a live video of an original; “Impulse” with Shot In the Dark in December 2016, which has quickly become a favourite for local audiences. “[I] loved the slow burning sensuality of [Impulse] that flowed from soft verses to strong choruses and showcased Crystalena’s lower/higher register vocal versatility. [She] dug her teeth into words that were filled with passionate throes” [Steeves - Apt613].

Named one of Ottawa’s rising stars, “Crystalena is a talented multi-instrumentalist and veteran of Bluesfest and countless other festivals.” [Bytown Sound]